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So far things have been good! I’m hoping the hidden fees I keep reading about are not the case? Neighbors have been telling me to be prepared for the water, sewer and trash bill so has me a little nervous! Anyway I didn’t give it a full five stars yet only because I don’t feel 100% safe in this complex yet! A few days ago police officers or security or whoever it was were chasing someone and hopped right over the wall where I’m located and scared me half to death! And then a few homeless people were by the wall again asking me for cigarettes! I did speak to security and hopefully they will tighten it up especially in the corners where it’s private and nobody is around (like the walk to my unit). And it didn’t help when a neighbor told me someone was murdered here in May and that homeless people like to sleep in my balcony!!! Haven’t experienced that yet and hope I don’t have too EVER. The second only issue I have is the people driving through here! They drive extremely fast like we’re in nascar! It is kinda scary! There are a few things that need to be fixed in my apartment but nothing huge just things I feel contractors missed when installing cabinets and such. There is a huge gap under my counter in kitchen, some cracks in the walls by the doors and glue I can’t get off my floors but like I said minor. I saved the positives for last, I think the staff are really cool so far haven’t had any issues! I dig the gym and I haven’t noticed any garbage! It seems maintenance really tries to keep things clean. I like all the upgrades in my unit and it really is very quiet! I think one of the quietest complexes I’ve ever been in actually. I do not hear my neighbors much at all. So far all is well and I’m sure I will do another review when I’ve been here a little longer. 😊✌️



This place is great we are living here for one more year





Nice, just that the pools should be cleaned more often due to the large community of residents.


I live here and while the apartments themselves are great, if you ever need maintenance done, don't count on it within the month. I had multiple work orders submitted and when I finally got tired of waiting for them to be fixed I called them only to find out that someone had gone in and marked it all as completed. Now I'm currently dealing with an Accent wall being installed that was supposed to have been installed BEFORE I moved in a month ago, but now I have been blatantly lied to by Shae, forgive me if I misspelled that, about said wall. Avoid her, for she will lie to you simply to get you to be quiet.


Had a great time


The apartments are large and well planned. The workout room is clean. They allow dogs. But my favorite amenities are the two fantastic pools.

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